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About us

Our short history

The Bergland Hungary Ltd. was formed in 2001,its main field of activity is the production of confectionary products.

In 2002 János Márton became the owner of the company and we began to produce and sell hard candies.

In the next few years we introduced IFS system and we use it since then.

Our products and activities

Our company deals with confectionery product manufacture and trade, especially hard candy production. We have considerable market shares of promotional candies as well.
We do our best in order to preserve the traditional Hungarian hard candy production so that our customers may choose from wide range of Hungarian hard candy in the shop's shelves.

We produce small and big candies, filled candies, unwrapped and wrapped candies as well.
In Hungary Bergland Hungary Ldt. was the first company who can produce the individual small candy which product is very successful and popular among children and adults as well.

Our aims, quality policy and development facilities

We produce new candies successively in the interest of Hungarian food market develpoment.
According to the health nutrition guideline we use only natural colours in our candies and we aim to use natural flavours and make special candies with 100% natural materials.

Our internationally recognized quality management and our workers knowledge guarantee our product's best quality.
We managed to sell our products more and more markets and we try to launch our candies to the foreign markets in order to enhance the fair name of the good quality Hungarian food.

Latest products

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